heyyy i’m zabbi but you can also call me omelet fifteen any prns lesbian desi enby muslim

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notes please don’t use any masculine terms on me, pls ask me for permission before making a tutorial of my original design crds


before you req main/priv, request okay, i talk about anything i want to, i only care about bts, ningning, and sooyoung when it comes to kpop

do not request -13/20+, rad fem, you demonize lesbians, stan super junior, straykids, or bigbang, solo stan or anti anyone in bts, support bi/pan/male “lesbians”, annoying second generation stan


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biases jungkook sooyoung beomgyu hyunjin ryujin yuna jihan soojin nayeon mina wonyoung liz

lover of bts, CATS, girls stationary, kaedehara kazuha, jungkook, iced coffee, carrd making, chemistry, coding